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I am a goldsmith (goldsmith=passed the apprenticeship tests)

Keeping as few irons in the fire as possible, so I can focus on the best one of them all, the one of gold.

Everything I make are originals, and I see the results as rare talismans.

The feeling of being the only one with a piece of jewellery is unbeatable and completely unique.

I do exclusive jewellery on order, book a time for consultation below.


"Golden Heritage" Historiska museet 2002

Designforum Sven-Harrys 2015

Photographer: Joakim de Groot.

The Gold Cup is immortalised by Robert Eldrim.

The video clips are so heartbreaking they should be considered as dogma in the higher degree, so high that you almost cannot comprehend it.

Klart! Meddelandet mottaget.

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